World without money where everything is free.
​No one needs to work

4th Industrial revolution brings lots of advantages. 
​Robots will steal our jobs.
​It might look as catastrophe but the opposite is truth

Targeted unemployment increase

As of today, companies as Jaguar – Land Rover creates too many jobs in order to decrease unemployment rate and receive subsidies from state. We should see beyond the horizon and create fully automated organizations. Automation will bring better production effectivity, management and logistics, which will also improve environmental protection.

Getting rich from internet advertising? Forget it!

Another threat for Internet projects financing is caused by Adblock-like services.
For example Gmail; in free version, it offers 15GB of free space. Google depends on financing from advertising. User who uses Adblock-like services is pure loss for Google. 

Example based on Facebook ad performance report:
From 1000 viewers in automotive industry, only 0,297% click on advertising, which is 2,97 persons. Average cost per click is 0,22€. It makes 0,6534€ + 0,66€ for 1000 advertising views. Advertising income for 1000 users is 1,31€ 

What will people do for living?

Human work replacement by automation will increase the effectivity of production.
Product’s final cost is also composed of employee salaries. This amount of money can be used to finance basic income. 

We can see the upcoming trend in providing paid content. In Slovakia, Piano was the pioneer. However, disagreements with publishers and nontransparent fee distribution system caused that Piano failed. 

Introducing online payments for content can be observed on every established media provider. Offline print media transition to online world requires change of the attitude towards content monetization. For example, Slovak media provider DenníkN’s monthly subscription costs 4,99€. Another media publisher TREND costs 3,99€. In case, we want to have access to multiple media, we need to pay extra.

But how ? 

Planet friendly social network

Modular platform RevoMind

The basis of modular RevoMind platform is its own virtual currency secured by gold, payment system, and social network. Payment module is linked to the social network and serves to send funds between users, support projects, foundations, and many others. Open source social network consists of multiple modules. Chat, Meet, Teleport, Memory, Idea, and more. Each module brings revolutionary solutions to its area and tries to connect users in the real world. Other services bring cloud performance to older and less efficient devices. Our goal is to make RevoMind open source project so that anyone will have an opportunity to integrate own modules into the platform.

Social network based on memories

There were too many attempts to copy Facebook. People are fed up with regular posts or photos. That is why they stopped creating content. You will not find such things on RevoMind. In RevoMind social network, you create memories. Arbitrarily or with help of CHAT and MEET modules

RevoMind Donate

​​​Donate button similar to Facebook Like or Google
​Serves to support bloggers, startups, foundations and others
​Default donate amount is 1 Eurocent
​Easy integration to any system or website
​​​Donate feature is widely used throughout RevoMind platform

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream.”

RevoMind Meet

Connects you with friends in offline world. You will never experience situation to go to coffee alone. Do you need any carpenter services at 10pm? No problem. Is your friend living on other continent? One click will arrange door-2-door transportation so you can meet him or her. Are you on a party or festival? Common navigation services will not help. MEET is here fro you.

RevoMind Teleport

VR technology for everyone. You just need VR glasses for 2,40€. Compatible with any device. Teleports you on spectacular places on our Planet. Connects you with family, friends and business partners. No need to commute anymore will help our environment.